10 Facts About Four Leaf Clover

10 Facts About Four Leaf Clover

By Shreya Pandey

Four leaf Clover defines good luck according to the old superstitions, how the superstition and when this superstition started is not clear. It is a very rare variation of the four leaf Clover. These lucky clovers bring some good luck to us and they can be easily found in any backyard. Plucking of leaf clover is super interesting for kids but it may bore the old people.

  • Four leaf clovers are not always lucky-

They might sometimes not bring good luck to you or your family. Many plants resembling the four leaf clover, with strong resemblance may not be lucky, they can be absolutely beautiful and bring pleasure to us, but they are not lucky like four leaf clovers.

  • Why are four leaf clovers lucky?

 People say that four leaf clover represents faith, unity, hope, love and luck to someone.  There are various different stories about the origin of clovers and about the superstition, whereas some believe that these four leaf clovers are hard to find and they are seen very rarely which can be a reason that these clovers are lucky for everyone.

  • Fourth leaf made from Genetic Mutation-

According to researchers maybe the fourth leaf is made by genetic mutation. Some clovers have four leafs! Why? The four leaf clover is a recessive trait in the white clover plants. The recessive trait from both the parents must have been inherited in order for a stem to have four clover leaves.

  • Why sometimes whit clover leafs have three or four leaves?

 It is surprising but it is hard to figure out why some clovers have three or four leaves. Some scientists are working on it and there research is telling us some interesting information that why four leaves mutation occurs.

  • Four leaf clover ( Like In Hot)-

Some scientists have discovered that the gene mutation helps clover grow their four leaves in warm weather.

So if someone is finding for lucky charm, then you can easily find their four leaf Clover in summertime or in warm weather.

  • These clovers are social as well-

These clover remind us that they love to hang out with their friends. It’s not that these clovers are social but when you find one four leaf Clover find for more clovers. If one clover has four leaves then the stem might have more four leaves clover.

  •   It’s always hard to find four

 Leaf clover, but not very hard- Out of 10,000 clover 1 clover would have four leaf(approx.). But it’s not too hard, you can find a clover in a rectangular area.

  • Sometimes lucky clovers can have more than four leaves-

The mutation result in growth of four leaf Clover, but sometimes a clover have more than four leaves which makes it more luckier. It may have more than 6 leaves but in Japan it is recorded than a white clover have 56 leaflets.

  • Can you grow your own lucky clover?

It may sound easy and fun but it’s definitely not as easy as we think. We can easily get white clover seeds, we just have to do is pay for it and plant the seeds but it is not necessary that it will grow as expected.

  • Shamrocks are not the same as four leaf clovers-

 Shamrocks may look familiar with white clover but they definitely are not as same as clover. These shamrocks are not as luckier as white clover. Shamrocks represent three leaf clover whereas white clovers are four leaves clover.





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