Taking care of a Terrace garden

Taking care of a Terrace garden

By Zoya Akhlaq

In the era where cities are expanding boundlessly and at such a rapid speed, it has become extremely hard for a person to retain greenery around. It has become hard to find large patches of vacant land to cover with trees. Not everyone around us has the time to go to parks to spend time with nature. With all these problems occurring at the same time, the best we can do is make our very own garden. Yes! You heard it right, our garden. If you’re thinking of ‘how’, then you’ve come to right place. In this article, we’ll tell you how to create your own terrace garden and take care of it.

This garden can be built anywhere. All one needs is a rooftop or a terrace.

Water-proofing the floor

After you have found it, just make sure it’s water proof/water resistant. If not, you can make it with various products available in the market. You just need to find the best suitable one for yourself.

Start decorating

To start with, buy pots and planters to decorate.  You may even use old containers at home as pots and recycle them. After buying the pot, you need to cover the bottom hole with stones so that drainage of soil doesn’t happen with water. For growing the plants, you will have to mix soil, compost and vermin-compost together and fill up the pot. After you’re done with that, you need to wet the soil and sow your seed or sapling to watch it grow.

Variety of plants

You can even bring as many varieties of plants as you want. You can use different types of things as containers such as bottles, bowls, bamboo sticks, shells etc. This way you’ll recycle things as well as make your personalized beautiful garden. You can even paint your containers. Having an environment friendly garden is bliss.

Choose your plants

Taking small steps in gardening is very important. Starting with plants or crops that do not require much effort, grow easily and fast isn’t bad. Plant something that you’re familiar with, at first. Then, slowly move to other crops once you’re sure that you can grow anything and everything.  If you think that the sun light is very bright, then you can put green shed around or just cover your garden with bamboo sticks to make it look more aesthetic and beautiful.

Time taken

The transformation from a terrace to a garden will not take much time if you’re ready to spend enough time. It will just take a week or so and then by a month, your crops will be ready to harvest as well.

Maintenance of the garden

If you really want your garden to flourish, you’ll need to devote some time in its maintenance for sure. It is a very peaceful and therapeutic process working in and for nature. Taking care of plants is very similar to taking care of children. You need to feed them the proper food i.e. soil and provide proper nutrients.

Money needed

Good things come at a cost. You may require at least 20000 INR to start your garden from scratch. You can slowly reduce the cost by using recycled products etc. Your money will never go waste as this garden will be an investment for you. It is just like one-time investment process.

Benefits of Terrace Garden

There are innumerable benefits of having a terrace garden. You can spend time around nature, sit in its lap and have a good time. Apart from it, if it’s your own garden, you’ll have pure vegetables without chemicals that can harm your health. You will get clean air to breathe in and also, terrace garden can make your house a bit cooler as it’ll absorb most of the heat.

Terrace gardening is one of the best hobbies. It is very helpful as well as therapeutic. Being around nature in today’s world is bliss. You can spend time with your family to refresh your mind and soul and enjoy in your very own garden. It gives you a fantastic experience with some organic vegetables as well. All you need is some leisure time and interest in it, and if you already have it, congrats, you can start building your own garden super fast.



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